Traditional Archery – Why You Should Give It a Shot

The art of archery evolved at the start of Mankind’s history. From being used for hunting and warfare to competition and recreation, it has shown major involvement in human activities. With the advancement of technology in the late 19th century, many reforms were made in its equipment and the heritage of traditional archery got somehow lost in the way.

Even though the modern equipment are easy to use, most archers believe these don’t come under the purview of ‘real archery’. Traditional archery is still preferred by many expert archers and we’ll tell you why.

But first, let’s get some brief knowledge about the history of archery. So let’s get started.

Where did Archery come from?

  • Many historians believe the invention of archery dates back to the Stone Age as the oldest found stone points for arrows were made about 64,000 years ago in Africa. These arrows had shallow grooves at the base. 
  • Ancient Egyptians used bows and arrows for hunting and warfare in 3,000 BC. Since then, apart from hunting, people started using bows and arrows in battles. In wars, bows were made with tendon, horn, and wood. Many ancient civilizations used to employ a large number of archers in their armies.
  • But with the discovery of firearms, archery as a skill began to decline. The skill of archery again revived when Britain started practicing it as a recreation. In 1844, the first-ever Grand National Archery Society meeting held and made some strict rules to form archery a sport. The Olympic Games also added archery in 1900 which made this sport tremendously popular. 

Why Prefer Traditional Archery?

  • Requires Skills:

Archery, as described by experts, is dependent only on the skills and not on the equipment. The new gadgets automate a lot of the process and thus makes it easier to target. For example, today’s crossbows are taking some of the skills away from archery and that’s just reducing the thrill of the sport.

  • Challenging:

Traditional archers describe target archery as “the very soul of archery”. It takes more precision, accuracy, and strength to hit the target in the case of traditional archery. Many beginners might get demotivated by some miss of targets. 

Some challenges that come with traditional bows can be overcome with practice and time. To appreciate the sport, you have to know its limitations as well as get better over time.

By having a proper grip over the arrow, you’ll be able to ace traditional archery in no time. Vapor Trail’s Limb Driver Micro Elite is an arrow rest that will improve your consistency as the arrow will be in the same place each time. 

This product helps you to focus on the target as it utilizes a minute micro-adjustability, dual-bushing design, and top OR bottom limb activated options. It comes with added stability with zero loop for slop, keeping those x-crushing groups where they need to be. Along with this product, you’ll also get several other accessories in the package.

  • The simplicity of the Equipment:

Many newbies give up traditional archery even before trying as they feel the sport is overly complicated. They aren’t aware how simple its equipment is. Whenever you wish to thrash the target board, pick some basic equipment needed to shoot and you’re ready to go.

The simplicity of the equipment being used leads to fewer errors and allows you to concentrate on your form and technique.

  • Enhances Mental Focus:

Before beginning the archery training, every newcomer is told to control his focus. As archery is an individual sport, if the shot is off its mark, you don’t have anyone to blame but you.

This sport is tough as no gadget is involved. You need to take your time and focus on the target with the utmost concentration. As with most things, the harder you work on it, the better you become. This will increase your mental focus in a way you won’t even notice. 

Health Benefits of Archery

  • Increases Patience & reduces anxiety:

Due to fewer rules involved, the sport is easy to learn but difficult to master. What you first thought as fun, soon starts to become frustrating. But this ultimately improves your patience, which will be essential for your long-term future in the sport.

Even in a crossbow where you don’t require the strength of your hand, you still need some patience to make the target hit. The best shots are made by the best strings. Crossbow Strings from Vapor Trail are great for improving accuracy and power. At our store, you’ll find an expert selection of strings that supports all archers from beginner to professional.

  • Improves Coordination:

While making your aim, there’s so much happening with you at the same time. All your movements become almost instinctive to make no error. To achieve this level of precision, You’ll need to make a high-precision routine that needs to be fixated on your sub-conscious and muscle memory.

  • Increases Strength:

All your core muscles are involved in the process of aiming with a bow and arrow. While drawing a bow, you’ll have a stretch in the chest, hands, arm, and large upper back muscles. The continuous repetitions of this act will not only strengthen your involved tissues but also make your arm stronger.

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