Preparing for the hunting season

For most hunting enthusiasts, summers are not an ideal time for hunting. Instead, they use this time to get ready for the hunting season. 

Summer bow practice is a great way to gear up and stay in form for the hunting season. Apart from bow practice, some other bow hunting preparation steps can help you in the upcoming season:

Prepare yourself physically: 

Physical fitness is quintessential for hunting too. Strength and flexibility can go a great way in ensuring good hunting performance. As age advances, unused muscles lose flexibility and the inability to move properly after sitting motionless for a while is common. 

Many hunters report sitting all day in the bow stand only to realize later that they cannot hunt the target right before them because their arm or shoulder is frozen. Staying active can prevent such situations by maintaining flexibility.

Get the right gear: 

Hunters must wear clothes with the right fitting. The arrow may get stuck in baggy clothes and spoil the shot. Practical and comfortable clothes ensure you do not ruin the session. 

Clothes and shoes must also be chosen carefully based on hunting weather. You will need lightweight, moisture-wicking materials for warm weather and layering systems with base and insulation layers for cold conditions. You will also need gloves, warm hats, and socks for cold weather hunting.

Also, pay attention to boots. Sturdy and high-quality, all-weather boots will help you stay dry and blister-free during your hunting sessions. Remember that you must choose a breathable pair according to the weather.

You can find a wide variety of high-quality hunting gear here.

Set up trail cameras: 

Trail cameras will help you track deer movement. Summer is the perfect time to set up the cameras. The photos you collect from these cameras will give you an idea of deer movement and let you know the home range of the deer using your hunting area.

Clear the access path to your hunting area: 

Overgrown grass will only obstruct you when it is time to shoot. Take some time to clear the area if you don’t want to trip and spoil the joy of the early season. You must ensure that there are multiple access paths available to account for wind conditions.

Practice Archery: The best way to get better at the sport is real bow practice. Not everyone can make it to the archery range or has an adequate space in the backyard. If this sounds like your struggle, do not worry. You can use a corner in your garage to set up a target and backstop. Practice by drawing back repeatedly or drawing and holding back as long as possible. This will help you develop muscle stamina. However, remember not to release the trigger. It could be specifically dangerous in an enclosed space. Also, do not dry fire.

It is crucial to practice the right archery form. Rather than shooting some reluctant shots, have an experienced archer watch and offer suggestions as you practice. If that is not possible, record a video and analyze the form later. 

Beginning the practice early will allow you to fix issues before you reach a stage that you cannot unlearn anymore. Archery exercises will also help to develop the correct form, build muscle memory and prepare your muscles for the activity.

If weekly bow practice sessions do not seem possible, perform exercises that mimic movements required in an archery session. For instance, you can load the hunting pack and go for a walk or hike. This is an ideal way to build stamina, strengthen muscles, and burn calories. 

Also, include strength training in your routine to prepare yourself to draw higher weights. Your workout routine should be the right mix of strength training and flexibility and mobility training.

Stay mentally prepared: 

Archery requires high concentration levels. A distracted mind is a bigger problem than a lack of physical fitness. Some tips to stay mentally prepared for hunting include preparing the archery equipment and accessories. 

If all the equipment is in top shape, it will put you at peace and you won’t be distracted by worries of maintenance and repairs. If you are regular with bow practice, you must check the bow and the strings for wear and tear issues. Also, check the cams for leans. Invest in some of the best compound bow accessories to enhance the experience. You can find some here.

Ensure that the sights are dialed in when required, deer stands are not worn out or too old and you have a bow hunting tree that is easy to lug around and set up. Practice a lot as the opening day approaches. This will make you feel confident and ready for the session. It is also a good idea to practice with the complete gear and a 3D target. 

Play the scenario in your mind and think about the pre-shot routine. Watch different hunting videos and think about how you’d handle such a scenario. Also, use these learning strategies.

Use your bow practice to get into a consistent routine that you will follow for all your archery sessions.


Archery is not just about shooting the bow. Your success at archery depends a lot on how well you prepare. It is important to get physically and mentally prepared well in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises and jittery feelings on the final day. 

A familiar routine and the confidence to tackle the game will ensure that you can get success when you spot the target. The right equipment will not only make you feel confident but also increase the possibility of success. You can also get customized bowstrings according to your comfort and requirementhere. The high-quality equipment will ensure performance and precision and you will love your game.

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