8 interesting games to practice archery

Practice is a powerful word, those who pull back the bowstring will know the importance of practice in archery. If you are into archery, you would already know that mastering the art of hitting a bullseye doesn’t happen overnight & it takes countless hours of practice. When you want to be in that upper echelon, there are no shortcuts.

But the thing is, practice can often get boring & monotonous which is why experts recommend you find ways to make your practice sessions engaging & fun. One way to do it is to play games that can help you practice your skills without it becoming monotonous. And that’s exactly what we are going to address in this article.

This article will discuss in detail some archery games you can play that will help you improve your skills. These games do not demand any specialized equipment or setup. All that you need is your bow & arrow and some other easily accessible materials. By the end of this article, you will understand the different archery games you can play in the mini archery range in your backyard.

Eight Archery Games for Practice


HORSE is an improvised version of a game played by basketball players. The idea behind this game is to place yourself in a challenging position and attempt to hit the target.

So essentially what happens is a player first attempts to hit a target from any distance, angle, and/or position. If they were to hit the target, then the next player has to attempt the shot from the same distance, angle, and/or position, and then the next until someone misses the target.

The point is when an archer misses the target they are awarded “H” the first letter of the word HORSE and they get the chance to choose the next distance, angle, and/or position for the next round of shooting. The game will continue until someone completes the word HORSE and they will lose the game.

If you can erect multiple 3D targets, the game can get more exciting and challenging.

2. Balloon popping

The game is simple. All that you have to do is to attach the balloons to the target using tape. Take your step at your position and then try popping them turn by turn. Count your points.

This game is advisable for a mixed group of beginners, professionals, adults, and kids. Beginners and kids will love the idea. Adding glitters or color powders to the balloon will make the popping even more attractive and fun.

3. Fruit shot

The next time you throw away spoiled fruit, try to attempt shooting them for practice. Instead of shooting a normal target, hang the fruits in front of the target and shoot the target. While melons and pumpkins are targets for beginners, we recommend apples and pears for professionals.

To make it more interesting, ask your buddy to toss the fruit and try hitting it. Every target hit earns you a point. Those who get the maximum points wins.

4. Ornament shooter

Fill those old ornaments you might have with glitter or color powder. Hang them as targets and try hitting them with your shots. You earn a point for every hit and the archer with more points wins the game!

5. Paper towel roll split

Get yourself an empty cardboard paper towel roll and attach it to the target such that its open-end faces the archer. The objective is to shoot arrows into the roll. Those who fit the greatest number of arrows into the roll win.

This is an easy set-up to deploy. But it’s a tough task and is meant for experts. Beginners could find it boring but try harder each time.

6. Mini Olympics

Get yourself a feel of the Olympics in your backyard. You can compete with your buddy or your opponent. It’s going to be a one-on-one game of skill. You can set up targets on increasing points. You and your opponent can shoot a set of arrows and make your tally.

The loser has to throw a treat to the winner!

7. Shoot the holes

This game is more or less similar to golf. Basically, the archers will have to shoot projectiles (arrows) into holes (set up using empty glasses). The rules are similar to that of golf and the archers will have to shoot arrows into all holes in the least number of attempts. This might look simple but trust our words, it isn’t.

The number of holes and number of participants can be decided depending upon the number of players in the game. We recommend not more than 6 participants.

8. Robinhood

The game is found to help improve long-distance hits. The targets are set at fixed locations and the archers start by attempting shots from near the target. With each successful hit, archers have to move 10ft away from their last point. After a specified set of rounds those who fire successfully from the longest distance win.

This game demands accuracy and long-distance shooting skills. The one who wins earns the title Robinhood, your competitors will be entitled to call you by ROBIN HOOD. Sounds exciting!! Right?

To Sum Up

You can add heat to the game with as many improvisations as you can. All that matters is improving your skills and confidence. Practicing from uncomfortable positions can help you improve and build confidence. 

While there are many other games you can play, we have restricted the games in this article to the ones that don’t require any special equipment or setups. Playing these games will be fun and exciting and is for sure worth investing your time in.

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