How to store Bows and arrows.

The Challenge:

Vapor trailer was founded in 1993 by a shooter who got infatuated with the inconsistent quality of the archery equipment available. Peep sight alignment and constantly changing weather conditions made it difficult for shooting.

For a decade with extensive research and skill-building, in 2005 Vapor Twist Extreme (VTX) material bowstring was developed.

The Solution:

The VTX strings and cables have the answer to the inconsistencies. After only 3 shots, the peep sight alignment is set and will not change, we have used a blend of synthetic materials and in-depth manufacturing processes for making this happen.

The Advantage:

Our products have been used by elite shooters for years and hence we have practical proven usage of the products.

Did you know that storing a bow properly is imperative for the bow to hit its target? If the bow is damaged then only god can help the archer’s bow to hit the target. Also replacing the need for a deep pocket, so why not store and maintain the bow properly.

Archery is quite tricky and requires a lot of concentration, and on top of that if you don’t have a good bow then you are in deep trouble.

The bows made from fiberglass or carbon require little maintenance. However, bows made from wood, horn, sinew require consistent maintenance.

How and where to store your bow?

  1. Store your arrows in a Quiver

A quiver is a type of container used for holding arrows, darts, and javelin. The bag which we see on the hip of archers or sometimes the back where they store their arrows is called a quiver.

It is greatly recommended by professionals and elite hunters to store the bows in a quiver. It keeps them straight and strong for years. But every coin has two sides. If you put too many arrows in the quiver it can damage them.

  1. Use an arrow divider:

Another vital aspect is using an arrow divider, the divider can hold approximately 12 arrows. However, pushing too many arrows will damage the arrow divider as well as the arrows.

Make sure you are using a foam-based arrow divider rather than the plastic base, as the plastic-based incites denting and marring the finish of the arrows.

  1. Drying your arrows before storing them:

Before you store the arrows, make sure you dry them. Storing them wet will incite the feathers to degrade, the points will get rust and the shafts (May it be wood or bamboo) will warp or rot.

  1. Protect the arrows from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures (cold/hot):

The arrows must be dried and stored in a dry place itself, also you need to make sure that they aren’t exposed to sunlight and the temperatures are normal not too cold nor too hot.

  1. Keep the arrows standing:

Keep your arrows in the quiver and the divider as mentioned earlier, but another imperative point to consider is to keep the arrows vertically or even completely horizontally. Never lean the arrows on some other items in the house.

How to maintain the arrows?

  1. Carbon and aluminum arrows are quite easy to maintain as you don’t need to do much to them, however, the wooden, horn, sinew arrows need to be maintained from time to time. Especially the wooden ones they need to be coated with varnish or Danish oil.

  1. If the arrows have feathers they should be kept dry and waterproofed as the wet feathers can severely harm the performance of the arrow as they become heavier and affect their flight time.

If the arrows get wet, you can hold them above the steam of boiling water to dry them.

  1. Checking the points is also vital for arrows maintenance, the points need to be checked for rust, bent, detached, or loose. If you find them rusted you can apply some wire oil.

  1. Finally, one needs to check whether the nocks are properly attached to the feathers.

How to maintain Bows and bowstrings?

  1. Keep the bows in dry areas

Keep your bows in a dry area of the house. Prefer horizontally keeping them so that they are not leaning on anything.

  1. Sunlight and extreme temperatures:

Avoid direct contact with sunlight and extreme temperatures as it goes with arrows also. The bow’s crafting is severely damaged when they get exposed to supreme heat or cold.

  1. Bow case:

If you plan to set aside your bow for a long time then please consider using a bow case, even if you are not keeping it for a long time still utilizing a bow case is beneficial for the bow’s life.

  1. Unstringing the bow:

When not in use make sure the bow is unstrung, to protect the bow’s shape, loss of power, and draw excess weight.

  1. Dry Firing:

Dry firing is shooting a bow without an arrow nocked on the bowstring, this damages the bow, but can also injure the archer.

  1. Use wax to extend the life of string:

Waxing the string after use can help maintain the life and integrity of the string. However, there is a lot of confusion on when to apply it. Some people say applying it after every use, while others say to apply it once every week.

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