Top 5 ways to customize your own compound bow

Earlier, all you needed was a simple bow and arrow. Today, however, there is an array of amazing customization features available. The amazing customizations such as sights, custom bowstrings, noise dampeners, custom arrows, and more have gained momentum like never before. 

In this blog, we will discuss how you can customize your compound bow to take your archery experience up a notch. 

  • Use Bow Sight

Mounted on the riser of the bow, a bow sight is a device that helps the archers in aiming. They have fiber optic pins that are perfect for a certain shooting range. 

Archers align a pin to the target depending on their range of shooting. To master the art of long-distance archery, aiming equipment like bow sight is a must-have. 

Hitting a target with accuracy and precision takes a lot of practice. However, the usage of the right bow can help in improving shooting accuracy. 

Use Of Bow Sights: Compulsory Or Not?

Shooting without a bow sight is called instinctive archery and is certainly feasible. However, it is much easier to shoot with one. This is why most archers prefer using a bow sight. In the end, it all comes down to one’s personal choice and experiences.

Types Of Bow Sights 

There is a wide range of modern sights such as moveable pin sights, fixed-pin sights, pendulum sights, tree-stand sights, fixed-plate sights, and dovetail mounts that may compliment your bow’s accuracy for long-distance shooting. 

Note: Many of these use new fiber optics with particular luminary properties that improve visibility in low-light environments.

  • Go For Custom Bowstrings 

A bowstring is used to join the two ends of the bow stave and launch the arrow. The modern bowstrings are made up of dacron, kevlar, Vectran, spectrax, etc. Custom bowstrings are widely used by most of the top bowhunters and archers. It enhances your performance by making your shooting experience a lot more accurate, fast and reliable, 

It’s amazing how bowstrings allow you to add your personal touch to your bows. From yellow to pink, you can customize your compound bow in any color of your choice. 

Desirable Features of A Custom Bowstring

  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • Abrasion-resistant

Care Of Bowstrings

To prolong your bowstring’s life, you should maintain and store it nicely. Regular application of bowstring wax can also help. Before shooting, check if anything looks fuzzy and see if it feels dry. If yes, apply wax all over the fibers with your fingers. Storing the bow in a climate-controlled arrangement also extends its life.

Types Of Bowstrings

There are different types of bowstrings available such as simple strings, reverse-twisted strings, and looped strings. 

Simple Strings: These strings are made of finer. They are twisted in a single cord and are usually secured by a knot at each end.

Reverse-Twisted Strings: These strings are usually made up of hemp and linen fiber. It is made up of two separate bundles, each of which is twisted in one direction.

Looped Strings: Looped strings are made of one more continuous loop material. These usually have less fiber at the ends.

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  • Use Noise Dampeners 

Noise dampening accessories have been used to lessen the noise produced by the movement and vibration of the string, limbs, and stabilizers. Most bowhunters add noise dampeners to their bows to reduce the snap or cracking sound made when shooting. Using these helps in maintaining the much-needed surprise element.

Why Do You Need Noise Dampeners?

Animals have an ultrasonic sounding capability that alerts them. Unfortunately, not even experienced shooters can beat their quick response. A good bow transfers all its energy to arrows, However, if you are not using heavy arrows, the energy will get transferred as waves through bowstrings and limbs which isn’t a good thing.

Types of Noise Dampeners

There are various types of noise dampeners available. We have listed some of them below.

Limb Dampeners

These help in reducing the noise as well as the shock and vibration born by your arm.

Riser Dampeners

These are great for reducing the vibrations and noise made when releasing the arrow.

String Silencers

There are many types of string silencers that one can choose from. When choosing, go for the one that's easy to install, handle and blend in easily.

  • Install Stabilizers

One of the most useful accessories to customize your compound bow is a stabilizer. Firing with stabilizers helps in maintaining the bow stable and lessening the vibration and loudness of the blow. Rubber is the go-to material that most archers prefer for stabilizers. To find what works best for you, try different options like sand, gel, etc.

When it comes to stabilizers, length and weight are two factors you should always keep in mind. 

  • Improve by aiming by adding or subtracting weights from the stabilizer.
  • The longer the stabilizer, the more balanced your bow would be. 

Modern bow stabilizers are very adjustable, allowing archers to tweak the length and weight as per their needs and shooting technique.

Note: While this equipment is not a mandate, most DIY archers try this accessory to customize their bow.

  • Customize Your Arrows 

Customizing your compound bow can be a fulfilling experience. You can take this customization to another level with custom arrows. Custom arrows allow you to personalize your arrows to your preferred length, construction, and arrowhead style. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

The Final Words

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