Maintain your bow and strings

Archery is a sport that relies heavily on equipment. Unlike other sports such as running or swimming, Archery is a mix of skills and equipment.

Whether you are an experienced archer or trying your hands for the first time at this sport, it is important to have the proper gear to excel at this sport.

However, with a lot of information available on the internet, it can get overwhelming to figure out the right way to maintain your bow shape. In this article, we will help you with easy ways to maintain your archery equipment.

Keep your bow well-tuned: This is one tip that is recommended by all experienced archers. The best way to maintain your bow is to keep it correctly tuned. For this, figure out the measurements, compute the exact draw length and draw weight and adjust the bow. This will ensure that the bow is exactly how you need it. New archers can seek help from a bow tech or someone at the local archery range to set this up for them.

Inspect the bow before each shooting session: Despite keeping your bow tuned, it is important to check if it is tuned before you shoot. It is a safety measure that increases the life of the bow and prevents injury, too. Ensure that the riser is safe, as it is the primary element that determines bow performance. Check the spot where the riser is connected to the limbs and ensure that everything is attached properly. Get the bow serviced by a bow tech if the limbs seem to wobble.

Check if accessories are installed properly: The arrow, bow sight, and stabilizer are some activities that you use with your bow. Additionally, compound bows come with a cable guard and quiver attachment. Most of these are located at the riser. Ensure that the attachment is tight and there are no erosion marks. If you spot marks, it is time to upgrade those parts. Upgrading individually will help you save money and also increase the life of your bow

Pay attention to the bowstring: The bowstring incurs the most wear and tear. While modern bowstrings are more durable than traditional ones, they still need care so they do not fray or snap easily. If the string looks frayed at a certain spot, it is time to replace it. If you are using a recurve bow, it is easy to replace the string yourself, whereas you will need a bow tech if you are using a compound bow.

Use wax to extend the life of the string: You can increase the life of your string and maintain its integrity by applying wax to it. Expert opinions about waxing the string vary when it comes to frequency. Some recommend waxing it after every use whereas others recommend weekly once. We think, once or twice a week should be good. Using a lubricating wax like can reduce string friction while drawing.

Focus on the sound when you shoot: Listen carefully when you shoot. If you notice noise or excessive vibrations when you shoot the arrow, it means the string is loose and it is time to tighten it. Failure to do so will degrade the string faster.

Prefer a bow stringer to your legs: If you use a recurve and prefer changing your strings, consider investing in a bow stringer. This prevents the bow’s limbs from getting warped. It also saves you from injury.

Ensure that the bow is stored properly: How well the bow shape is maintained depends majorly on how it is stored when not in use. While it is easy to assume that wear and tear happen only when the bows are in use, their storage is equally important. Remember to wipe off any dirt or grime before storing the bow. It is also a good idea to invest in a bow storage case to keep it safe in storage or during transportation.

You can choose between hard and soft cases depending on your purpose. Hard ones are best for transportation. If you don’t wish to get a case, hanging the bow on a hook is a better option than tossing it in a corner. If you are storing it in the boot, remember that heat can cause delamination.

Beware of water: Water or moisture can be your bow’s worst enemy. It can swell up and cause the wooden elements to change shape. To maintain a good bow shape, keep it away from moisture. Store it with a sachet of dehydrator such as silica gel and immediately wipe down any snow that collects on it.

Do not dry fire: Dry firing or pulling the string without an arrow inside can damage the string. Remember, never to commit this mistake, and be careful before lending your bow to an inexperienced archer. If you suspect it has been dry fired, return it.

Do not share: Well, that sounds mean but try not to share the bow with anyone. Everyone has their unique way of drawing the string and inconsistency can damage the bow shape.

Apart from the above points, it is important to remember that all archers are different and a one-size-fits all approach to bow buying may not be right. It is especially true for kids as they outgrow pretty quickly. 

Getting a custom bow is a great way to choose equipment based on your style and convenience. You can customize the perfect bowstring combination at You can choose from a selection of expert-recommended strings and bows and sign up for a superior archery experience. Happy shooting! 

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