Vapor Trail, Inc. / Stokerized Partners with Into High Country
Ham Lake, MN – Vapor Trail Inc. has announced an official partnership with Jason Matzinger of Into High Country. “We wanted to align ourselves with someone who is well respected in the western community and approaches filmmaking in a very unique way. Jason is heavily involved with several conservation organizations and promotes a more traditional way of thinking when it comes to hunting. I really look forward to working with him this upcoming season,” stated Ricky Brule, Creative Director of Vapor Trail and Stokerized.  

“I work too hard to get one opportunity a year to jeopardize it using gear that I don’t believe works. That’s why I am so “Stoked” to announce my official partnership with Vapor Trail and Stokerized . Two products that have proven themselves to me on countless hunts together over the past 6-7 years! I’m excited for the future with these guys,” added Matzinger in a recent social media post announcing the partnership. 

About Jason Matzinger

Jason Matzinger is an award-winning film & television producer and host of the popular tv show, Into High Country on the Sportsman Channel featuring hunts from all over the western United States and Canada. Jason was born & raised in Montana and is a lifetime member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Wild Sheep Foundation & the Mule Deer Foundation. Jason works closely alongside the RMEF, WSF, & MDF to bring you Elk Country Chronicles, This IS Hunting, Hunting IS Conservation, #PROJECTELK, #PROJECTMULEDEER, The Circle of Life, #PROJECTLANDLOCKED, and RESPECT.  

For more information about Vapor Trail products, please visit, email Ricky Brule at rick@vaportrailarchery, or stop in and see your nearest dealer today. For more information about Into High Country with Jason Matzinger, visit and watch his films and episodes on YouTube and Sportsman Channel.

Into High Country with Jason Matzinger

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