Top 10 Reasons to shoot a Limb Driver Pro-V
  1. Full capture containment cage. The Pro-V keeps your arrow where you want it. As long as it’s in the containment cage, the launcher arm will pick up and self-center it every time.
  2. Free floating launcher arm. As your arrow passes across the launcher arm during the shot cycle, it is allowed to push against the spring-supported rest. This allows inconsistencies or errors to be corrected during the shot cycle to ensure perfect arrow flight upon release from the string. Traditional fall-aways force your arrow to travel over a rigid surface which can amplify these inconsistencies and greatly reduce accuracy.

    Limb Driver VS. Cable Driven

  3. Adjustable spring tension. The force in which the spring cushions the launcher arm can be adjusted to fine-tune your preference on arrow performance.
  4. Longer arrow support. Because it is run off of the limb, Vapor Trail Limb Drivers support the arrow for nearly 70% of the shot cycle. This allows the arrow to reach the speed it needs to stabilize itself in flight before the support is pulled away. With traditional fall-aways that begin to drop immediately, you typically see a great deal of “arrow dip” which decreases accuracy greatly, especially down range.
  5. Limb activation. By being activated by the limb, Limb Drivers do not require anything to be connected to the cables. By doing so, the rest is not pulling on the cables and taking your bow out of time or tune. This greatly increases accuracy.
  6. All-metal. The Limb Driver Pro-V is completely machined aluminum made here in the USA. There are no plastic or cheap parts to fail or wear down. The Pro-V is also lubricated with a lubricant guaranteed not to freeze up in the harshest of weather conditions.
  7. Ultra-simple setup. Setup of the Limb Driver Pro-V takes only minutes and doesn’t require the use of a bow press.
  8. Lightweight. The Limb Driver Pro-V weighs just over 3 ounces, minimizing added weight to your setup.
  9. Multiple custom colors options. The Limb Driver Pro-V is available in a variety of custom colors to match your setup including red, black, blue, green, pink, or purple. Choose from launcher-only colors or completely-decorated rests to make your setup stand out from others!
  10. Vapor Trail Customer Service. Whether you need help installing and setting up your Limb Driver, run into an accident in the field, or have an issue with your equipment, Vapor Trail’s Customer Service has always been one of the best in the industry. You speak to a REAL person from start to finish, not an automated system forcing you to search your way through.

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