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The Limbdriver Pro-V is the ultimate full-capture fall-away rest designed specifically with the bowhunter in mind. Featuring a free floating, fully adjustable spring-tension arm, the Pro-V offers incredible ease in setup and tuning, delivering amazing downrange accuracy and stability. The Pro-V launcher arm is designed to stay up for 70% of the shot cycle, which allows the arrow to achieve the necessary speed to stabilize flight, after which the rest is pulled away to avoid fletching contact, achieving near-perfect arrow flight. The full capture containment cage gives the bowhunter added assurance that once loaded, the arrow will always be held safely in place and automatically self-center on the launcher arm once drawn. When paired with our rock-solid VTX strings and cables, the Limbdriver Pro-V is sure to be one of the most accurate easiest, quietest, and deadly rests on the market. Period. “Quit Your Cryin” and get a Pro-V today!

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