Why bow string waxing is crucial for all archery enthusiasts?

Archery can be fun, especially if your bowstring is well maintained. Yes, that’s right! A well-managed and upgraded bowstring is the perfect tool an archery enthusiast needs to win every move! Compound, recurve, or traditional, whatever style is your go-to move - an efficiently waxed bowstring can positively impact your game. Lay your hands on some other moves as well: https://www.vaportrailarchery.com/expert-bowstring-customizer.html)

Bowstring waxing is a must given its long list of benefits. But first, let's visit as to what exactly is bowstring waxing?

The bowstring is primary to the overall performance of the bow. When you wax your bowstring, you are saving it from a probable chance of fraying. In addition, it adds up a waterproof layer so that water cannot enter the gaps between the strands, saving them from twisting. 

Giving it long-lasting lubrication, smooth flow, and enhanced performance, waxing your bowstring is the best advice ever! 

By checking your bowstring you will know the state of your string and can see if it needs waxing or replacing. If your string is losing some of its twist or has a dry feel, then you want to consider waxing it. Once you start to see several strands or frays, that string needs to be replaced. Using a string in this condition can lead to it breaking and causing serious injury to the archer, bow, or even spectators.

Before you decide on whether or not it is worth it, why not dig deeper into the details as to what are the benefits of bowstring waxing.


Benefits of bowstring waxing:

1. Longevity of bowstrings

Bowstring waxing significantly improves the overall lifespan of bowstrings. Regular waxing and good maintenance tips can help increase the life of your bowstrings. 

2. Polishes your game moves

Quite an attraction - bow string waxing helps in improving your performance on the archery field. More particularly, regular bow string waxing negates the chances of breakage of the bowstring while playing on the field.

3. Easy process possible on the field too

As will be followed in the sections below, the process of waxing your bowstrings is quite an easy and quick one. Portable bowstring waxes in small packages are durable and you can carry them around to your archery sessions as well. 

4. No professional kit required

Bowstring waxing can simply be done using your own fingers. No machines, tools, or technical training required. 

5. Serves as an all-weather shield

That is true! A waxed bowstring is well protected against the harsh weather conditions likely to hamper the performance of an otherwise, non-waxed bowstring. 

We personally suggest that you plan your bowstring waxing weekend sooner than you have already thought! For some more fun yet useful maintenance tips, follow: https://www.vaportrailarchery.com/bowstring-maintenance.html

To get you started easy, here’s a quick list of to-dos, grab these and follow the below-mentioned steps for getting it done like a pro! 

What do you need?

  • Bowstring
  • String wax
  • Wax pads
  • A piece of leather/string
  • Yes, in case one decides to not use wax pads, all you need is a piece of leather or string for serving the same purpose.

Next, comes the interesting yet useful part - how to go about bowstring waxing?

An easy to follow process you can swear by:

  1. Get set with your bow and wax. Start by applying the wax to the bowstring in a swift vertically-directed motion. 
  2. Quick tip: Clearly avoid the serving so that it doesn't get all slippery.
  3. Fact check: One might notice wax appearing around the strands, consider this absolutely normal and in fact, good.
  4. Next comes a simple yet essential step - Use your fingers to gather wax from the string and apply it to every strand. 

Quick tip: Ensure smooth spread to every surface and little gap. 

Fact check: A generous application of the wax around these strands gives more protection. 

  1. 5th When you use a small-sized piece of leather or string, you must wrap it around the bowstring in a certain manner, to then rub it smoothly in an upwards and downwards motion. This will allow the wax to spread evenly. Any additional wax will be pulled up and moved out of the way. Some traditional archers are also found to prefer fabric cords, cards, or papers for the same. 

Quick tip: Use your fingers to get rid of any excess lumps of wax on it for a non-slippery smooth finish. 

What’s next? You are done! You deserve a pat on your back for an excellent job!


How to know you have done your bowstring waxing correctly?

A rather ‘gooey, tacky’ feel to your bow strings post waxing is an indication to seek - this implies that you have done the process efficiently. This lump of wax layered on the bowstring can effectively prevent water from adding unnecessary weight to your bowstring which slows down the firing speed. In addition, the soaked in water degrades your bowstrings quality as well.

There are a variety of bowstring waxes available in the market today. From synthetic waxes to all-natural beeswax, all varieties are known to prove favorable for your archery game. 

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Ensure you find the most appropriate tools from a trusted supplier of high-quality bowstring maintenance products for your next (or first, if you haven't begun yet!) bow string waxing and other quality maintenance activities. 

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