Setting up your Limb Driver Pro V the right way: Tips and Tricks

Archery enthusiasts aiming at better consistency, improved performance, and high efficiency are increasingly found to develop a liking for the latest Limb Driver Pro V.  The modern-day, archery gadget is limb-driven, which implies that the flexing of the upper bow limb makes it rise and fall. It helps in positioning the arrow exactly where the shooter wants it to be. When the limb driver is in the containment cage, its launcher arm automatically picks up and self-centers itself each time.

Similar to any other rest available in the market, the Pro-V is also installed into the berger hole. However, the major difference between this and the conventional alternatives lies in the fact that the activation cord is actually tied to the upper bow limb.


Why choose the Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro V?

  1. It supports the arrow for approximately 70% of the shot cycle.
  2. The limb driver’s free-floating head corrects all arrow inconsistencies.
  3. It has revolutionized the archery industry with its latest features. 
  4. It is highly regarded as one of a kind limb driver equipped with advanced features including capture option, adjustable spring tension, free-floating launcher arm, etc.
  5. It is popular among archery enthusiasts and is preferred for its consistency and bulletproof design.
  6. It comes as a big relief for archers from the mandatory “arrow dip” that occurs in the case of traditional counterparts which decreases the overall accuracy (especially down range).
  7. The Limb Driver Pro-V is an all-metal model, made in the USA using completely machined aluminum. This makes it highly durable due to the non-use of plastic that wears down.
  8. It is well lubricated with an all-weather material that does not freeze up even in extreme temperatures.
  9. This innovative limb driver interestingly weighs slightly over 3 ounces (which is great!). Particularly implying that it minimizes any weight addition to the original setup.
  10. The setting up of the Limb Driver Pro V is easy, quick, and does not require the use of a bow press.

How does the Vapor Trail Pro V function?

At the brace or rest position of the bow, the activation cord in the limb driver is ‘tight’ and the rest is in the ‘down’ position.

When the bow is drawn by the shooter, the upper limb flexes in the downward direction and slacks up the activation cable.

Once the activation cable is no longer tight, the slack makes the rest spring to an upward position.

Now, this rest remains in the same or original (upward) position till the time the bow is shot by you. Once this happens, the upper limb springs back to its normal position.

So put in simple words, the rest moves from a downward position to an upward position on being shot, and then back to the down position after the shot.

Now that we have understood what and how the Limb Driver Pro V functions, let us move on to the essential steps required to be followed for setting up the Limb Driver Pro V.

Steps to set up the Pro-V

  1. Attach the rest of the limb driver to the riser with the bolt provided in the package.
  2. In order to adjust the center shot, you must loosen the windage bolt. Next, slide the rest left/right to the desired position and then tighten the screw.
  3. To adjust the launcher arm’s height, loosen the elevation bolt. Next, slide the rest up/down to the desired position and then tighten the bolt.
  4. It comes with adjustable spring tension. To adjust the spring tension, loosen the Allen screw on the spring retainer. Next, you must turn it clockwise or counterclockwise (depending on the desired tension).
  5. The next step is to clean the top limb surface with denatured alcohol.
  6. Next, remove the paper backing and adhere the pad with a clean limb surface.
  7. Tie the limb driver cord using a half hitch knot around the limb (over the pad).
  8. Now you must carefully run the cord down through the cord hole into the stopper.
  9. Keep the downward tension on the cord while you push the launcher arm downwards toward the shelf. Also, tighten the cord set screw to hold the cord and the rest in position.
  10. Moving on, just tighten the mounting bracket set screw.
  11. Now, draw the bow back. This must also be accompanied by the launcher arm rising as the cord goes slack.
  12. Now let the bow down. Again, ensure that the launcher arm lowers down as the cord is pulled tight. Tip: You can do this with an arrow on the string. 
  13. Clean the internal surface of the containment cage with denatured alcohol.
  14. The last step is to apply moleskin to the inside surface as required.

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