Prime Inline 1 RH 70# Black
Prime Inline 1 RH 70# Black

Prime Inline 1 RH 70# Black

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Free Set of strings with purchase of any 2022 Prime Inline!! Add string color and serving options in the order comments!!

  •  Introducing the lethal accuracy of the innovative Inline Cam System, designed with the goal of creating an equal loaded cam throughout the draw cycle 
  • This is achieved by updating the binary system, bringing the cable track inline with the string track so that as the bow is drawn, the cable track slides inline with the string for a more balanced cam and more accurate shot 
  • This new system gives a smooth and easy draw without sacrificing speed 
  • 82x Center Balanced Aluminum riser is the stiffest and lightest on the market; with a bumped up grip, this bow is perfectly balanced and not at all top-heavy 
  • With an added curve towards the bottom of the riser, Prime's Swerve Technology helps mimic the action of the top of the riser so that they move exactly the same 
  • Flexis roller guard moves during the draw cycle to reduce cam load 
  • NASA-developed Aerogel Nanogrip that won't get cold, no matter the weather 
  • Riser dampers make this the most dead in the hand compound Prime has ever made -Comes with the incredible bonus of free strings and cables for life! 
31 inches axle-to-axle 332 feet per second IBO rating 7 inch brace height 26-30.5 inch draw length 4.3 pounds mass weight 60-70 pounds draw weight Offered in Right Hand

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