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  • Vapor Trail's most compact and sleek arrow rest design to date
  • Limbdriven Arrow rest mounts to the Integrate Mounting System
  • Buttery smooth Micro-Adjustable Windage and Elevation with hex head and lock screw. No clicks for a reason. Get in between clicks with no clicks so you can hit dead center on your "X"
  • Full Capture Cage has side gate for easy arrow loading, which accommodates all arrow sizes.  The Full Capture Cage is Carbon with Rubber Overmold and is made with Vapor Trail's proprietary vibration-dampening material
  • The removable Side Pulley Arm allows for the option of Top or Bottom Limb Activation
  • Available in 14 interchangeable colors.  Easily change your cage color in less than a minute without having to change any settings on your arrow rest
  • Free-floating launcher arm supports the arrow for 70% of the shot cycle. Guide your missile longer for deadlier accuracy
  • Embedded rubber dampener in Arm Stop Block
  • Shelf Hushing Arrow Grabbing(Shag) Pad. Cradles the arrow until your bow is drawn or your rest is activated. Silences any type of arrow contact on your shelf. Easy set up and can be cut to a custom fit
  • Limb Pad prevents the activation cord from slipping on the limb and reduces the vibration transfer from limb to the cord making your bow setup even quieter
  • Weight is only 4.1 ounces
  • Proudly made in the USA

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