Diamond Edge XT Compound Bow Package

Diamond Edge XT Compound Bow Package

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Designed to offer adjustability and accuracy no other Diamond« bow can match, the Edge XT Compound Bow Package offers premium performance without a premium price tag. Packed with innovations, this bow delivers tremendous stability and accuracy with a big range of adjustment to fit a wide range of bowhunters. Anchored in a caged aluminum riser engineered to deliver ultimate stability and enhanced rigidity, the Edge XT's ultrawide quad limb design increases stability at full draw for increased shot-to-shot consistency and optimized accuracy in any situation. The bow's easy-adjusting rotating module system offers a wide-ranging draw length adjustment from 19"-31.5" to give you a customized and comfortable draw in minutes. This bow also offers an impressive 50 lbs. of draw weight adjustment to match any type of shooting. Lightweight 3.7-lb. bow measures 31" from axle-to-axle for easy maneuverability and handling, even in tight hunting spots. Carbon string stop absorbs and virtually eliminates excessive string vibration and noise. 300 fps. Brace height: 6.75". Package includes: 3-pin sight, Octane« Furnace 4-arrow quiver, brush arrow rest, 5" stabilizer and wrist strap, and peep.
Part Number: FPS-A109
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  • Easy adjusting, accurate hunting bow from Diamond
  • 300 fps
  • Draw length adjustment from 19"-31.5"
  • Draw weight adjustment from 20-70 lbs.
  • Ultra-wide quad limb design - increased stability for greater accuracy and consistency
  • Caged aluminum riser - enhanced stability and rigidity
  • Maneuverable - 31" from axle-to-axle
  • Vibration-absorbing carbon string stop
  • Package includes: 3-pin sight, 4-arrow quiver, brush arrow rest, 5" stabilizer and wrist strap, and peep

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