Proven Tips To Take Care of Your Compound Bow

Archery is a beautiful sport. It is actually one of the few sports where it’s not just you that matters. Whether it be running, swimming, football, at the end of the day it is your skill and competence that helps you ace the game.

However, when it comes to archery, things get a bit different. Archery requires a perfect amalgamation of your skills and good equipment i.e. your bow. Your compound bow is more than just an instrument, and it’s time you treat it that way. Many archers tend to have a personal attachment with their bows, and to be honest, one should have it.

A compound bow is an expensive instrument and hence keeping it with care is only practical. You might get to the pinnacle of your archery career but at the end of the day, its the bow that’s going to make you sail through it. We know what it takes to keep your bow up and running.

So, here are such tips which might make your bow last longer. These tips have been observed, tried and tested by many professionals and will sure help you take care of your compound bow. Without any further ado, let’s get into it:

1. Wax Your Bowstring

If you are into archery, then you might have heard about this stuff quite often. Waxing your bowstring will help it stay perfect. Make sure you use a proper wax compound with silicone in it. Silicone helps your bow stay in the perfect shape.

Using a candle wax might just deteriorate things even more. The frequency of waxing your bowstring might vary and there are many opinions on the same out there. However, waxing the bowstring once in a week might just do the job for you.

2. Water Alert!

Water might just be the foe that your bow doesn’t want to mess with. Not just water in its liquid form but any form and shape might negatively affect your bow in the long run.

Make sure that your bow is always in the correct case. Moreover, try keeping it in a dry place to avoid moisture. During winters, avoid snow buildup, which in turn might affect the bow. Water can disfigure your bow as it might seep into the wood and cause it to swell.

3. Do NOT Dry-Fire Your Bow

Dry firing your bow can have deep and irrevocable consequences. Dry-firing in simple terms means to shoot your bow without an arrow in it. Compound bows tend to suffer a lot of damage when dry-fired.

Hence, make sure that if someone who isn’t well equipped with a compound bow does so, you get it inspected thoroughly soon.

4. Change The Bowstring Regularly

The bowstrings usually have a limited life. If you are a regular user then a period of three years might just be fine to replace your bowstring. However, if you use your bow quite heavily, the number might be somewhere near 2,500 shots.

A partially damaged bow can injure you. Make sure that when you are replacing the string, you replace the entire set at once, including cables and strings.

5. Mini-inspect The Bow

When we say mini-inspect, we mean it. While you’re using your bow and hear an unexpected sound or a vibration, get the bow inspected as soon as possible. If you can’t find the visible problem, take it to a professional.

Delaying the small damages might lead to a bigger cost at the end of the day.

6. Learn About Your Bow

Your compound bow is a complex mixture of different mechanical parts. So, if you are someone who’s learning about each and every part, you are probably learning archery right. In order to fight the battle, you should know your arsenal well (metaphorical, not literal).

Learning more and more about your bow might just help you with your archery skills as well.

7. Invest in a Bow Case

Invest in a well-constructed bow case for storage as well as transportation. Your compound bow has many foes out there, and it might get difficult at times to prevent any mishap. Therefore, it is always recommended that you pack and store your compound bow in a bow case.

8. Heat Is Not Cool For Your Bow

Excessive heat can damage your compound bow in the long run. Heat can damage the synthetic string and the cable material. Hence, take extra precautions when you are shooting in a hot region. Do not leave your bow out there in the heat at all.

9. Cam Synchronization

If you tend to use a double cam compound bow, make sure that you keep the cams synchronised. If your cams reach the let-off stance at the same time, then they are synchronised. If they don’t reach the cams at the same time, there’s probably a chance that they aren’t synchronised well.

10. Consult a Professional

When you are driving down the road and experience some hiccups with your car, you might be able to fix it to some extent. But that might be a makeshift solution if you aren’t an expert.

A compound bow is an amalgamation of many bits and parts which come together to give you the perfect shot. And that is why you need a professional to consult you with all your compound bow related issues.

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