Vapor Trail - 40yd League
Vapor Trail - 40yd League

Vapor Trail - 40yd League

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Vapor Trail Factory Proshop 5-Spot League Tuesday Nights 6pm & 7pm
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Vapor Trail Factory Proshop 40 yard indoor League 330 round.

We are excited to offer a new opportunity for leagues around the Metro! This league is a one-of-a-kind that we came up with to make paper league a little more entertaining and to test the precision of every archer! This league will be scored as a 30 arrow competition using the 25m USA Archery target. Inner 2 rings score as 10 and descend from there out. This target is 60cm in diameter for those that have not shot the target before. We promise this will be a great time!
  • 12 weeks beginning Jan 9th, 2023 (can shoot most nights of the week as there will always be 40yd bales)
  • All bow styles are accepted (Bowhunter freestyle, Freestyle, Recurve, etc)
  • Classes will be separated for scoring (i.e. Bowhunter v Bowhunter, Freestyle v Freestyle)
  • No size limit on arrows
  • May shoot in a team of 2
  • Plaques will be handed out at the end of the league

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