BARNETT 32 15/16
BARNETT 32 15/16" & 17 5/8" XBOW SET

BARNETT 32 15/16" & 17 5/8" XBOW STOCK SET (ALL BLACK)

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Part Number: BARNETT 32 15/16" & 17 5/8" XBOW SET (ALL BLACK)
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Vapor Trail Archery manufactures Stock Bowstrings, which are brand new in-stock ready-to-ship bowstrings. Vapor Trail Stock Bowstrings are perfect for archers needing a set quickly for a competition or hunt. For Archers who can't wait, need a set immediately, or for simply wanting a backup set for their bow. Vapor Trail Stock Bowstrings Sets are available in over 180 popular compound and crossbow models. Each Vapor Trail Stock Bowstring is made of VTX Proprietary BCY material with black serving, cables, and speed nocks(only if the OEM Specs originally came with speed nocks). Our exclusive SIFI (Set It & Forget It) technology results in superior string performance eliminating peep rotation, serving separation, and elongation. Each set is backed by our one-year warranty. Quit Your Crying!

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