Pro-V Interchangeable Mounting Bracket


Pro-V Interchangeable Mounting Bracket

Standard mounting bracket: Fits most bows (contact Vapor Trail directly with questions)
Mathews mounting bracket: Recommended for all Mathews/Mission bows
See description below for more detailed information. 
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Pro-V Mathews Mounting Bracket

Standard version: Designed to fit most bows.  

Mathews version: Designed to custom-fit Mathews and Mission risers, this option further reduces overall weight and removes and entire bolt and bracket, simplifying installation. The elevation is achieved upon installation to the riser, using the riser bolt hole to slide the entire rest up or down to desired elevation. 
**Note: Standard and Specific brackets are interchangeable, allowing the rest to be moved to other brands if desired. Mounting brackets may be purchased separately. 


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