Top 10 Reasons to shoot a Limb Driver Pro-V

  1. Full capture containment cage. The Pro-V keeps your arrow where you want it. As long as it’s in the containment cage, the launcher arm will pick up and self-center it every time.
  2. Free floating launcher arm. As your arrow passes across the launcher arm during the shot cycle, it is allowed to push against the spring-supported rest. This allows inconsistencies or errors to be corrected during the shot cycle to ensure perfect arrow flight upon release from the string. Traditional fall-aways force your arrow to travel over a rigid surface which can amplify these inconsistencies and greatly reduce accuracy.

    Limb Driver VS. Cable Driven

  3. Adjustable spring tension. The force in which the spring cushions the launcher arm can be adjusted to fine-tune your preference on arrow performance.
  4. Longer arrow support. Because it is run off of the limb, Vapor Trail Limb Drivers support the arrow for nearly 70% of the shot cycle. This allows the arrow to reach the speed it needs to stabilize itself in flight before the support is pulled away. With traditional fall-aways that begin to drop immediately, you typically see a great deal of “arrow dip” which decreases accuracy greatly, especially down range.
  5. Limb activation. By being activated by the limb, Limb Drivers do not require anything to be connected to the cables. By doing so, the rest is not pulling on the cables and taking your bow out of time or tune. This greatly increases accuracy.
  6. All-metal. The Limb Driver Pro-V is completely machined aluminum made here in the USA. There are no plastic or cheap parts to fail or wear down. The Pro-V is also lubricated with a lubricant guaranteed not to freeze up in the harshest of weather conditions.
  7. Ultra-simple setup. Setup of the Limb Driver Pro-V takes only minutes and doesn’t require the use of a bow press.
  8. Lightweight. The Limb Driver Pro-V weighs just over 3 ounces, minimizing added weight to your setup.
  9. Multiple custom colors options. The Limb Driver Pro-V is available in a variety of custom colors to match your setup including red, black, blue, green, pink, or purple. Choose from launcher-only colors or completely-decorated rests to make your setup stand out from others!
  10. Vapor Trail Customer Service. Whether you need help installing and setting up your Limb Driver, run into an accident in the field, or have an issue with your equipment, Vapor Trail’s Customer Service has always been one of the best in the industry. You speak to a REAL person from start to finish, not an automated system forcing you to search your way through.

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69 comments on “Top 10 Reasons to shoot a Limb Driver Pro-V

  1. Tony

    Can I use the Pro-V on a PSE DNA SP?

    • vaportrail14

      You bet! On some of the PSE bows, you may need to move the cable guard up to it’s secondary position, but the Pro-V should fit on them all!!! Give us a call if you have any questions at all!

  2. Kyle

    Have you had success using the pro-v on the hoyt faktor 34?

    • vaportrail14


      You shouldn’t have any problems installing and tuning our rest on a Hoyt Faktor. So long as everything is setup properly, the Pro-V is a great choice for any bow.

  3. Craig O

    I was wondering, i have a factor 30 and im trying to get my center shot tuned in and i was wondering if you could give me a measurement off the shelf to the center of the arrow so i dont have to papertune it. There is a spot where there is no rubber on the shelf which would give me a better measurement. Id appreciate it and so far i love the rest!

    • vaportrail14

      Craig. If I had one of those bows in the shop I could tell you, unfortunately i don’t. Hoyt would be able to more accurately field your question. If you do get that measurement, it is highly recommended that you still paper tune. Glad you love the rest!

  4. Brent

    I just purchased a Bear Motive 7. I’d really like to put one of those rests on it. There should be no issues with that correct?

  5. Clarence Martinez

    Dear Sir, I have a Limb Driver that I purchased about 2 years ago. I want to install it to my 2012 PSE Evo. About where should I attach the string to the upper bow. I know its just forward of the upper cam but I don’t know how far forward of the cam it should be. Can you give me a starting point?
    Thanks, Clarence

    • vaportrail14


      The best place to start is to attach the cord to limb where the the cam intersects it. If you need to adjust from there you would typically move the cord towards the axle incrementally until you get the proper tune.

      Thanks, Rick.

  6. Rick

    Will the Limb Driver Pro V work with an xpedition Xcentric?

  7. Nelson

    Pro-v + Bear motive equals Minnesota flavored back straps. Thanks for the help in being successful. I’ll be ordering strings soon.

  8. Brian

    Will the Pro V “universal” fit on the Mathews Halon 6, or does it still require the “Mathews only” Pro V? Thanks


    Will the Pro V work on my PSE STINGER x?

  10. Jim Sevart

    I bought a new adjustable sight and the cable for the limb driver Pro V is right in the way. I shoot a Mathews Z7 extreme, any way to attached to the bottom limb?

    • vaportrail14

      Unfortunately, the Pro-V is not setup for the bottom limb. I’m sure there are ways to make it work however none that would guarantee flawless functionality.

  11. Kyle

    My arrow clip/holder keeps falling off after every shot. I have an Elite Energy 35 and was wondering what to do.

    • vaportrail14

      Kyle, you must ensure that you have thoroughly cleaned the shelf of the bow prior to adhering the arrow holder. The best solution for this is denatured alcohol. If you didn’t clean the arrow holder prior to adhering it to the shelf, dirt and/or debris will prevent the arrow holder from staying in place.

  12. Sterling

    Will the pro v work on a Hoyt ignite? My pro shop wasn’t sure. I think because the limbs are fairly parallel.

    • vaportrail14

      Yes, the Pro-V will work on the Hoyt Ignite. The closer to the axle that you attach the activation cord to the limb, the more movement you’ll get in order for the rest to function properly.

  13. Chris

    Could I put this on a Diamond Infinite Edge? Also was wondering under the type of string sets you guys have what would i need for the Diamond Infinite Edge because i have no clue what the difference in the 1 cam and 2 cam thing going on and all that binary stuff Thank you

    • vaportrail14


      The limb driver will definitely fit on that bow. The type of system your bow has is a 2 cam bow. (1) String and (2) Split y-cables.

  14. David Gurley

    I have a 2010 PSE bow madness single cam. will this work
    I read it may not work on single cam bottom cams.

  15. Alex Bertrand

    Ok on my 2015 pse stinger X the cable guide fouled the rest from being able to be aligned to get the centre shot. The solution was to remove the black bent rod and cut 10mm off the rod then reinsert in to the bow. This moved the bend in the rod forward giving more room to raise the rest. This means the rest could also be pushed forward too so as not the be in the rearmost position.
    I gather by shortening the rod I am also shortening the draw length of the bow, but am still ok for my 29.5DL. Light be an issue if you wanted to get 31″ DL.

  16. Phil

    Have you experienced any issues with the Pro V on the Bowtech Carbon Knight? I have one on my 2014 CK and after every couple of shots the entire rest starts to pull up and out of place and i have to push it back down to make sure it will allow arrow clearance on the next shot. I have tried tightening the allen bolt that holds it in place on the right side of the riser but it is as tight as it will go. Any suggestions or thoughts? Any help would be much appreciated!

    • vaportrail14


      Do you have the small set screw on the main bracket tightened into the riser? It’s intention is to prevent such an occurrence.

  17. Joe Wangerin

    During elk season my pro V sometimes would get stuck and not raise my arrow. I would hold at full draw for a few seconds and then it would finally pop up. It stopped doing that after elk season but now it’s making noise every time I draw it back. I was wondering if there’s any kind of lubricant you recommend or what I should do to fix the problem.

    • vaportrail14


      If you’d like to send that in for inspection, I’d be more than happy to take a look at it and get you fixed up. We have so little problems with the rests that I’d like to see what the issue could be. We stand behind all of our products so you’ll get taken care of for sure!! Please email me at Thanks!

  18. Riley Scott

    I have a 2014 Hoyt charger, will the limbdriver Pro V work on this bow? I am also planning to upgrade to a new bow to get a longer draw length, could I take that same rest off of the charger and put on the new one or would i have to get a new limb-to-rest cable? Thank you in advance

    • vaportrail14


      Yes, the Pro-V will fit onto your Charger and any subsequent bows that you purchase. So long as the axle-to-axle doesn’t significantly change, you should be able to re-use the cord.

  19. Anthony

    The string for the rest is touching my cable guard and my one pin sight, will that mess with efficiency of the rest or is this ok?

    • vaportrail14


      This should not be a problem so long as the cord doesn’t get hung up on any part of the guard or sight. For consistency reasons of course. You may want to put a piece of moleskin or cloth tape where it is contacting just to silence any noise or vibration during the shot.

  20. Ryan Smith

    Will the Pro -V fit the 2016 PSE Drive R with x force limbs?

  21. Evan

    Which way should I turn my fletchings on my Limb Driver Pro-V?

  22. Steve

    Will this rest work on obsession turmoil ?

    • vaportrail14


      The Pro-V should work just fine on that bow. I recently set one up on a Hemorrhage without any problems. Thanks ~Rick

  23. Justin Nickless

    I shoot a Mathews Legacy will it work on this older bow?

  24. Tyler Scholand


    I am in the market for a new bow (still not set on the option I will choose) and noticed that the Pro V also comes in a Mathews specific option; does this mean that a ‘standard’ Pro V would not work on a Halon / Halon 32 / Triax bow? Will help me with knowing which to order.

    Thanks – Tyler

    • vaportrail14

      Hello Tyler,

      The universal mount will work on those bows. However, the Mathews rest is easier to install and level on the Mathews bows.

      • Tyler Scholand

        Thanks for the response. Is it safe to say that with all other brands the install of the universal mount will be ‘easy’?

        • vaportrail14

          Indeed, it is safe to say that. There are a few bows out there that the rest won’t work on. We are currently working on a solution for those.

  25. steve


    I would like to buy a mathwes triax, if I take the Limb Pro-V Driver (Mathews ONLY) it works well? Thankyou

  26. Kenny Skelton

    I have a Mathews only Pro V on my Triax. With the Mathews quiver on the limb cable runs very close to the quiver mount. Have you seen any issues with this and what do you recommend? I can use the spacer that comes with the quiver but would rather not have it set out that far from the bow.

    • vaportrail14

      Kenny, it’s ok if the cord makes contact with the mount. You just want to make sure that when you draw the bow, and the cord goes slack, that it can’t get hung up on something during the shot preventing the arm from going down.

  27. Ryan Hudson

    I really like my limb driver on my hunting bow. I am currently looking to build a indoor bow. Old school has always been traditional blade or lizard tongue not scared to change but see some benefits in both any advice?

  28. Cody Bright

    Which limb driver pro V is best for the Mission Hype Dt? Thanks!


    Whats MSRP on the Gen 7m

    • vaportrail14

      We’re still working on the details of the rest. We should be releasing all of that information very soon!

  30. Richard Montgomery

    Just mounted a new LD Pro V to my new Triax. I had to go to the end of my split limb to where it widens. Is that OK. Seems to work fine there. My LD string is very close to the Mathews Quiver and my sight which I think I will change. I had a QAD but have it for sale Ebay. I haven’t even paper tuned my LD yet but already am shooting better groups. I have been getting some staggered left to right arrows. Would this be possibly be caused by not being center shot yet? Anyway love this rest, my second one!

  31. Ralph

    There have been many instances with limb driven drop away rests not clearing the cables on the PSE Xpedite. Is this an issue with the pro v?

  32. Taylor

    Will the LD Pro V work on a 2018 PSE Evolve 35?

  33. Thom

    I’m trying to install the ProV on a 2015 Obsession Evolution and it will not go on without rubbing the cable guard. Am I missing something or will it not work with this model?

  34. Brian

    I’m looking at a new bow this year. I bought the Pro V last year and would like to mount it on the new bow. I’m looking at the Xpedition Mako X. My worry is that the local shop said he has heard of issues mounting the Pro V on this bow with the 5″BH. Have you guys been seeing this?

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