Limb Driver and Bowstrings Maintenance

Deer season is here!! Are you ready? Yes, I know, most of you are probably wondering what crazy pills I took to think today was September. But in reality, California’s deer season is open and bucks are hitting the dirt!! With less than two months before almost every state’s season is in full swing, are you sure your equipment is ready to go? Have you been out practicing every day building muscle memory, getting comfortable in your hunting gear, shooting from a seated position, etc? Don’t neglect the days leading up to season just because you think “there’s plenty of time to get ready”. You should always practice like opening day is tomorrow!! Below I’ve mentioned a few things you should keep in mind while gearing up for your hunting season that some people may overlook.

EarsWaxAre your Vapor Trail VTX bowstrings and cables in good shape? Even though our VTX material is unbelievably stable, you should regularly care for your strings to prolong their life and keep them performing at their best. Scorpion Venom string cleaner is a great product to use while maintaining your bowstrings and cables. Apply a generous amount of the cleaner to your strings with the built-in applicator and rub it in with a soft cloth. Repeat until the string is visibly clean of all surface debris and dirt. I personally allow the cleaner to sit on the string for a minute or two before I rub it in.

After the string is clean, I typically use the Scorpion Venom Polymeric Bowstring Fluid to condition the string. I basically apply it the same as the cleaner, but I allow it to sit for a bit longer on the string before I rub it down with a cloth. You can also use the regular Scorpion Venom Wax, but I just prefer the fluid myself for it’s cleaner look.

Check over the entire length of the string, including end loops and servings, to be sure nothing has been nicked, cut, or worn while it’s been in your case. Personally I don’t EVER put broadheads in my bowcase, but if you decide to, be sure they’re properly secured on your arrows where they cannot contact your bow, or are in a package that is CLOSED COMPLETELY. Opening up your case to find a string in pieces because you neglected to secure your broadheads should NEVER happen.

Is your peep sight securely tied in? Are your String Bats still secured and in good shape? Is your d-loop in good shape? Sometimes a release can form a burr that can excessively wear your loop. Check your release by running a piece of a cotton ball over and through the jaws to check for burrs. If it catches, there’s a burr.
Check your bowcase. Are there any loose tools, tips, accessories, or anything that aren’t secured that could get caught up in your strings, cams, rest, sight, etc that could cause problems if you don’t see them?? A small tackle or gear box to keep things organized is the best way to go.

EarsToolHave you gone over your rest to be sure everything is perfect? Almost every time I shoot I check all bolts and set screws onmy Limb Driver Pro-V to be sure everything is properly tightened. I’ve never had an issue with them coming loose, but it’s just simple reassurance knowing that everything is perfect. Other important items to check are the activation cord, dampening pad, moleskin, shrink tubing, limb pad, shelf pad, etc. Are all of these still in good shape? Do you have a spare cord in your pack? Do you need to replace your moleskin on the launcher arm? Checking the simple things that you just “think” are in order can save you from failure at the moment of truth.
Compiling a checklist and scheduling times to go over your equipment may not seem important, but the first time something is overlooked and it costs you that shot of a lifetime, you’ll be wishing you’d have paid more attention. It only takes a few minutes to makes sure your strings, cables, and rest are all up to par before heading out into the woods! Get everything done now so you don’t have to worry about it later!

There is still plenty of time for us to build you a new set of VTX Strings and Cables and get them out to you. The Vapor Trail Limb Driver only takes a few minutes to install and tune, so you have plenty of time to upgrade there, too! If you order today, chances are your order will ship tomorrow at the latest!

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5 comments on “Limb Driver and Bowstrings Maintenance

  1. rick rhodes

    I put your strings on mine and my sons bows this year. They ar e holding up great just wanted to say thank you g or a quality product.

  2. Larry J Ellis

    Love my vaportrail strings and limbdriver rest! I can’t see myself going to any other products.

  3. Dietrick Trehern

    Best strings and cables on the market!

  4. John

    Just ordered some strings for my Mathews Creed XS in desperation if hoping to have them Friday so can hunt on Saturday when archery season starts, I love the how the strings look online

  5. lenny

    Just would like to let you guys know that i ordered new strings for my heli-m last week and shot my best score ever with the new VTX strings. I have never grouped arrow like that before! You guys are top notch and i will have them on all my bows in the future and i will also try to promote them to everyone who will listen. I am not looking for anything special, i am just happy to get a great product that performs like it should from great people! Thanks

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