VTX bowstring

VTX Bowstring Material Facts

Our VTX Bowstring Material is the best, most stable material in the industry.

  • Vaportrail’s own proprietary blend of bowstring fibers
  • Not available to anyone else
  • Very stable in changing weather environments (wet to dry, hot to cold, etc.)
  • Built on extremely high-tension jigs designed here at Vaportrail
  • All bowstrings are hand-tied, meaning no machines to wear down or cause problems
  • Available in thousands of color combinations
  • Multiple serving colors available
  • All cables are served with Halo serving to prevent separation
  • Closed end-loops for easier installation and longer life
  • NO speed loss
  • Ability to install speed nocks (for small upcharge, and nock locations/measurements are required)

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11 comments on “VTX Bowstring Material Facts

  1. David Olsen

    I have mathews rezzen 6.5 2009. Would like to findout if you install string grub above cam, like the original factory string

  2. Justin Smith

    I have a bow tech boss. Curious about the speed nock location measurements. How do I get those for you guys

  3. Mike

    Still clinging to my Alphaburner. Do you know where the speed nocks go on that bow? Same vein, should I go with speed nocks or do the nitro XL buttons work well? Do they slip at all, or will they remain in place shot after after shot?

    • vaportrail14


      Unfortunately I do not have the speed nock locations for this bow however, that is the beauty of the nitro buttons. We can install the proper number of buttons in a general location where they can later be shifted into place according to manufacturer specifications. Once shifted they will mold into the serving and will remain in place for the life of the string.

  4. Dave Fussell

    Do you ship strings to Australia . I have a 2017 PSE Stinger X and as you would expect the string is starting to wear and break . Our climate cchanges are pretty radical so have been considering a VTX string .

  5. Steven Wiseman

    I know you guys probably get this question alot , I shoot a 2007 Hoyt Vulcan 500 that came with fuse strings and cables , they are telling me i need to replace them with fuse strings and cable ,which are quite expensive , looking into vapor trail as an adequate replacement, how does vapor trail stand in comparison to fuse strings

    • vaportrail14


      We have a proprietary material that no one else has called VTX. We came up with our own blend as we were not happy with the inconsistencies that come with most bowstring materials. Not to say that Fuse strings aren’t any good, but we’ve found that our VTX holds up better, especially in varying weather conditions. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  6. David Smith

    I’m a Bowtech guy and have been for years now. I was having trouble with peep rotation even after a lot of shooting now I’ve switched to the VT VTX that problems in the past thanks again VT for making the best built strings around imo!

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