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Top 10 Reasons to shoot a Limb Driver Pro-V

Full capture containment cage. The Pro-V keeps your arrow where you want it. As long as it’s in the containment cage, the launcher arm will pick up and self-center it every time. Free floating launcher arm. As your arrow passes across the launcher arm during the shot cycle, it is allowed to push against the […]

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Limb Driver and Bowstrings Maintenance

Deer season is here!! Are you ready? Yes, I know, most of you are probably wondering what crazy pills I took to think today was September. But in reality, California’s deer season is open and bucks are hitting the dirt!! With less than two months before almost every state’s season is in full swing, are […]

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Understanding Limb Drivers

Traditionally it seems most people want the “fastest dropping” arrow rest for the reason of getting it out of the way before the fletching gets to the rests…..this is obviously important, but the “fastest drop” isn’t always the best. Think about this…if your rest dropped at the EXACT moment your release was triggered, the arrow […]

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